Icon leathers Industries is LWG gold Rated Tannery, from India, is more professional in manufacturing different articles from Cow, and buff. We are operating for more than 22 years in the industries with different concepts and requirements for the Shoe customers.

With more than 15 years of experience in imported raw materials and diverse Cow, and buff related products, Icon leathers Industries dedicates to improve ourselves in all aspects to maintain the quality and customer expectations in the industry.

We have manufactured all type of cow finished leathers. we have specialised in cow lining and upper leathers. also employed qualified technical persons and skilled employees to take care of quality of the products and day to day affairs.

Award winning company from Leather Working Group. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why.


Quality Policy

We, at ICON LEATHERS INDUSTRIES are committed to produce and supply quality finished leathers to the maximum satisfaction of the customers by complying with their specified requirements and other requirements for the products.

We shall offer the products at competitive price and constantly improve our processes and Quality Management System.

Environmental Policy

Icon leathers Industries is committed to develop, produce and market finished leathers in an environmentally responsible manner thus meeting all requirements integrated with continual enhancement of the environmental performance by adopting eco-friendly leather process and measures to control generation of effluents, waste, noise and emissions. Specifically, Icon leathers Industries is committed to

Social Responsibility

Besides business development, which is an ongoing process, icon leathers group is doing welfare jobs on regular basis. Ethical standards and practices are rigorously adhered to which is why icon leathers is one of the front runner in the market